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VLM 2019 – club place

Virgin London Marathon 2019 - we have ONE club place available for affiliated members. The winner of this year's raffle was Phillip Mears!  £120 will go towards a defib for junior parkrun.
Good luck in your training for the VLM 2019 Phil!      

Cardiff Half Marathon RESULTS

Conditions were perfect for the 2018 edition of the Cardiff Half marathon - as reflected in the superb race times and the level of club support at the roadside. Great day to be a White Rock Runner.

Cardiff Half Marathon
Oliver Williams (+ 20lb pack) 1hr 22:58
Nick Lewis 1hr 24:06 PB
Alberto Fox 1hr 24:31
Richie Mann 1hr 28:12
Henry Wright 1hr 29:02
Mike Bessell  1hr 29:47 PB
Phillip Mears 1hr 35:42
Dan Taylor 1hr 36:21 PB
Simon Stokes 1hr 36:25 PB
Bethan Griffiths 1hr37:04
Ben Rees 1hr 37:06 PB
Leanne Hockey 1hr 38:21 PB
Dave Goodall 1hr 39:51 (3rd in AG)
Matt Doherty 1hr 40:35
Nick Young 1hr 43:33
Shell Flynn 1hr 43:43
Richard Ashton 1hr 51:56 PB
Dan Binks 1hr 52:56
Nick Drage 1hr 53:08
Pippa Morgan 1hr 56:33
Sean Welsh 1hr 57:31 PB
Dave Shields 1hr 58:16
Paul French 2hr 01:41
David Ainsworth 2hr 02:30 PB
Sarah Wills 2hr 02:54 PB
Jane Petterson 2hr 05:55
Sandra Jones 2hr 06:57
Leanne Donovan 2hr 15:18 (1/2 debut)
Triona Campbell 2hr 21:20
Ceri Davies 2hr 23:39
Huw Wilkins 2hr 29:13
Simon Davies 2hr 36:38
Tom Wills (pacing) 2hr 55:55