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Gwent League results – Final Round – Blaise Castle

Saturday was the final round of the 18/19 Gwent League season.
Full results and a WRR breakdown from Bristol - a big thanks to Nick Lewis for working some number magic and getting the results into this format.
Congratulations to both our teams this year. The women sealed their place in division 2, whilst the men cemented promotion and will race in division 2 next time around. A big thank you to all who ran for the club, scored points, helped with baking, organising the fixtures, token collecting, gazebo construction/destruction, driving and generally standing around in the mud cheering. A great team effort!

Latest parkrun Champs update…

Thanks to Phillip for the numbers - top 5 correct until the end of February 2019:
  • 1 - Oliver Williams - 9 runs, 748.01pts
  • 2 - Sandra Jones - 10, 743.42
  • 3 - Phillip Mears - 10, 732.19
  • 4 - Jill Hancock - 9, 640.33
  • 5 - Claire Curtin - 8, 538.96

VLM 2019 – club place

Virgin London Marathon 2019 - we have ONE club place available for affiliated members. The winner of this year's raffle was Phillip Mears!  £120 will go towards a defib for junior parkrun.
Good luck in your training for the VLM 2019 Phil!      

Cardiff Half Marathon RESULTS

Conditions were perfect for the 2018 edition of the Cardiff Half marathon - as reflected in the superb race times and the level of club support at the roadside. Great day to be a White Rock Runner.

Cardiff Half Marathon
Oliver Williams (+ 20lb pack) 1hr 22:58
Nick Lewis 1hr 24:06 PB
Alberto Fox 1hr 24:31
Richie Mann 1hr 28:12
Henry Wright 1hr 29:02
Mike Bessell  1hr 29:47 PB
Phillip Mears 1hr 35:42
Dan Taylor 1hr 36:21 PB
Simon Stokes 1hr 36:25 PB
Bethan Griffiths 1hr37:04
Ben Rees 1hr 37:06 PB
Leanne Hockey 1hr 38:21 PB
Dave Goodall 1hr 39:51 (3rd in AG)
Matt Doherty 1hr 40:35
Nick Young 1hr 43:33
Shell Flynn 1hr 43:43
Richard Ashton 1hr 51:56 PB
Dan Binks 1hr 52:56
Nick Drage 1hr 53:08
Pippa Morgan 1hr 56:33
Sean Welsh 1hr 57:31 PB
Dave Shields 1hr 58:16
Paul French 2hr 01:41
David Ainsworth 2hr 02:30 PB
Sarah Wills 2hr 02:54 PB
Jane Petterson 2hr 05:55
Sandra Jones 2hr 06:57
Leanne Donovan 2hr 15:18 (1/2 debut)
Triona Campbell 2hr 21:20
Ceri Davies 2hr 23:39
Huw Wilkins 2hr 29:13
Simon Davies 2hr 36:38
Tom Wills (pacing) 2hr 55:55