Welcome to WhiteRock Multisport

We share a passion for exercise, outdoor training and providing clients with a real holiday fitness experience, whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced athlete, there’s something for everyone.

Our ethos: Inclusive, effective and fun

Inclusive – we want you to feel welcome whatever level you’re at. We strive to deliver a training experience that is appropriate to all ability levels – beginner to elite – you are all welcome

Effective – the bottom line is that you should come away stronger, our job is to work with you to make that process as effective as possible, and as specific towards your goals as possible

Fun – you’ve got to enjoy it otherwise it aint worth it! We have a 100% satisfaction record; everyone who has been on one of our camps would recommend it and would come again. So we’re confident you will enjoy every session and finish the day satisfied with what you’ve achieved. That’s what we aim to do every day.

Whatever Training Camp you come on, those 3 elements should be present right the way through. We want to build you up not break you down, encourage you and make you a better all round athlete. And if you don’t consider yourself an athlete yet, you will do by the end of your week!

Here’s what people are saying:

“I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic weeks training. It was great spending time with everyone. I left feeling revived, more confident in my ability and a few pounds lighter too – added bonus! Sign me up for the next one – I can’t wait!”

A typical day on camp would usually involve several sessions with plenty of variety and opportunity to work individually and within a group. There’s a session before breakfast to kick the day off to a good start, and then mid-morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Alternatively we might schedule a full day activity. It’s very flexible and we adapt the programme to suit your progress. No 2 days will ever be the same.

Great Welsh Marathon – Llanelli 2014

untitledAway from the crowds, glamour and landmarks of the simultaneous London Marathon, the much smaller affair along Llanelli’s coastal path offered scenery, sunshine, and spectacular sea views (and some running of course!). Mike, Phil and John at the start.


Phil after the half marathon with some hard earned silverware.


Mike at mile 21 still smiling and hydrating
Phil – 1:42:41 (Half Marathon)
Mike – 3:33:43 (Marathon – PB)
John – 3:55:20 (Marathon – PB)